A1AML provides expert services and professional products to meet your FED, SWIFT and Compliance needs.

Compliance Self Audit

Does your compliance system work? Have you tested it?

A1AML can prepare custom FED and SWIFT messages to trigger your specific Alert or Watchlist conditions. Messages can be prepared for one off or continuous on going testing.

Compliance Solutions

Introducing Compliator Pro, A1AML's easy to use Compliance solution for FED and SWIFT messaging.

No need to wrestle with large spreadsheets, piles of paper or inadequate ledger system reports.

Quickly learn more about your clients, their transactions and their correspondents.

Compliator Pro simplifies and automates your:

Easy to use browser based user interface

Compliator Pro has been actively used for over a decade and subjected to many audits including yearly OCC Bank BSA/AML audits.

Compliator Pro is a complete software turnkey solution. You provide the physical or virtual server and we provide the Software.


Consultancy services for FED and SWIFT messaging systems. Services include custom programming, integration, deployment, compliance, disaster recovery, business continuity and infrastructure. All A1AML consultants, specialists and experts have over 20 years experience of providing support to a wide range of financial institutions ranging from large multinationals to small overseas branch offices.

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We are based in New York City and formed by seasoned financial IT professionals. A1AML is the best Financial Technology partner you can have.

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